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5 Ways to Living Sustainably in 2021

5 Ways to Living Sustainably in 2021

There is no doubt that climate change is a pressing issue that needs to be taken seriously. Raging fires, hurricanes and floods made headlines in 2020, with expectations that there is more to come. At the root of climate change is our over consumption and exploitation of the earth's resources. 

However, the impacts of climate change is not equal. In fact, the ones who are most affected by climate change are the least responsible for it. So how can we be more sustainable consumers in 2021? Here are 5 ways to do good by humanity and the earth we live in.




1. Use Reusable Alternatives.

Single-use plastic products end up in landfills or get littered into the ocean. Billions of pounds of plastic make up 40 percent of the world's ocean surface. The pollution that comes from incinerating plastic waste is also a major source of air pollution, releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere. So why not make the switch to using reusable alternatives? If you are going to take-away lunch or to get your coffee fix, bring your lunch box and a reusable mug or bottle!



2. Buy less, buy better

When Covid-19 hit hard in the early months of 2020, many big fashion brands cancelled orders and refused to pay their suppliers for finished products, leaving many garment workers stranded and penniless. Make purchases that have social or environmental benefits. Does the brand you are buying from ensure fair wages all their workers? Do they use environmentally friendly materials? Look up each brand's sustainability, and support brands that genuinely care for people and planet. 



3. Shop Pre-Loved

If paying a premium for sustainable wearables is over your budget, try pre-loved instead. It saves you a ton of money without necessarily compromising on quality. Giving things a new lease of life reduces the environmental impact of over-consumption and the excessive waste problem.



4. Support Local

Apart from boosting the local economy, buying local often means you reduce carbon emissions that comes from shipping. Local small businesses also have that added touch of familiarity and warmth. Celebrate local talent in art, design and business!




5. Advocate

Consuming sustainably does not come easy for all of us. We naturally want more and more all the time. But the way we consume does matter, and we have the ability to effect social and environmental change by simply consuming well. So take a step toward living sustainably, and share the journey with your friends and families!



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