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The Heart Behind - Hide The Label

The Heart Behind - Hide The Label

THE HEART BEHIND is a series of interviews where we get to know the founders and the heart behind what they do.

Hide The Label is a London born sustainable fashion label creating effortless silhouettes that fit well, last longer and can be worn for every occasion. Co-founders and siblings Shereen and Ryan shares more.


How did the both of you decide to start Hide The Label?

Ryan and I have been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years and realised how damaging it was. We wanted to start our own brand that did things differently. Ryan is a model and was on a shoot when a stylist asked him to ‘hide the label’ of the garment he was asked to wear as it didn’t fit in with the other designer clothes being shown. We thought it would be a good name for our brand as we don’t believe in ‘labels’. You should buy items you love that fit well and last a long time, not because of the designer tag.


What are the biggest influences in your designs?

I am very influenced by vintage styles. I feel that clothes were made and designed differently then. They were made to flatter and fit well, and people didn’t have lots of money to spend on clothes, so everything lasted. Ryan studied fine art so he often spends his time in art galleries. The inspiration for our prints often comes from pieces of art or sculpture that we’ve seen in a gallery. 


Tell us more about your sourcing process. Do you have strict requirements?

I have been working with suppliers and manufacturers my whole career so I know how to tell a good one from a bad one. I have a lot of connections in the industry so I was able to cherry pick the best. Our supplier has lots of accreditation within the sustainability world. They have worked with WWF, won awards for reduced carbon emissions and have signed our comprehensive ethical code of conduct.


What has been the highs and lows of running a sustainable brand? 

The most rewarding part is seeing people in the street wearing your brand or hearing great comments about your product. The lows are the frustrations that I’m sure every small business struggles with - cashflow. Being heard in such a large market plus the issues that Covid-19 has brought along can be challenging. 


Social and environmental issues are big problems that we need to take seriously. What do you think brands can do to play their part?

I think brands first need to educate themselves, and make sure they do their research before choosing suppliers, materials and packaging. Once you’ve done your research, you can do what you can to really think about your impact as a brand. It’s our responsibility as a business to make sure that we know our stuff before trying to spread the message to consumers. You have to believe in what you preach.


What do you hope to see in the fashion industry?

We hope that sustainable fashion is the only kind of fashion. We hope that there are more ways for brands to be circular. We would also love for it to become more cost effective to turn unsold stock, returned or damaged garments into new fabrics/products.


What do you want customers to know about sustainability and conscious consumption?

People should know that they don’t need to always follow fast fashion. Buying garments that really fit them well and are timeless will make them feel much better in the long run. They may get a fast fix from buying the latest trend but the feeling of putting on a dress that makes them feel great over and over again for years to come will be much more rewarding.




What’s next for Hide The Label? 

Right now we are focusing on promoting the new collection which is available now. We are also taking the time to connect with our customers - Shereen will be talking at the NUS save goes lite event and we are looking at doing some more pop-ups around both Europe and Singapore.






Check out Hide The Label's latest collection here

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