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The Heart Behind - YNG

The Heart Behind - YNG
THE HEART BEHIND is a series where we get to know the founders and the heart behind what they do.
We hear from the Yvette, the founder of YNG, on how it all began for her.






How did YNG start? 

Over the years doing costuming in theatre, I met a lot of aunties who work from home, doing alterations or making clothes as a side job. Eventually I got more into design, and I also got consigned to make personalised wearables. From there, I thought why not create a brand, and who better else to create it with me but this team of sewers who I am familiar with? So I started YNG as a passion brand and that’s where this journey began.


Is there any particular brand or personality that you are most influenced by? In terms of design, branding or values.

I do like Kinfolk. They create a mood that influenced alot of my lifestye from what I wear to the meals I cook, the home products that I use and aesthetics. They have an organic feel to them and are always very clean looking. That inspired what I like YNG to embody. And from there, evolving slowly to be as sustainable and ethical as I can be in my brand values.




You work with a group of aunties that you got to know over the years. How did you start building this community of sewers?

I got to know them while working in theatre. I was working with some aunties who does alterations for costumes, and then it was mostly through word of mouth that I got to know the rest of them - this aunty has a friend and that aunty has a friend who also sews at home, and it simply grew from there over the years. Next thing I know, I'm acquainted with quite abit of aunties! ◡̈




Community seems to be a big part of your brand, and perhaps a big part of you. You even name your products after your friends! Is community something integral to YNG?

It is it is. I like the connection and being relatable and approachable, starting from my family and small group of friends. I see how it makes some of them happy when they realise in my launches that I had named pieces after them, and that makes me very happy and whole. I often write in my website and insta posts that I would love to connect/say hii, and I do mean it ◡̈



Tell us more about your design and sourcing process. How do you go about it? From designing to finding materials.

Initially I started by looking through local markets for deadstock material. Then I would come up with a design that works with those materials. 

However, I also found sustainable materials like Tencel and Modal. With those materials, I looked into designing first and what I had in mind for those designs was for it to be genderless (Black Series - Stan and Lionel). Most recently, I have been upcycling. I also have design-for-one services, where I create wearables that are personalized and suitable for any occasion. I use the leftover materials from these services and create as well. 

In a nutshell, it is about what organically flows and works. I try not to put myself in a box, but rather just be explorative and open.



What inspires you in your creative process?

I take inspiration from the pieces that I wear for the longest time or what I see people wear for the longest time. You know, the type that has some holes and you still refuse to throw. 

1. Comfort 2. Effortless - Easy to match 3. Timeless. 4. Genderless as best I can.



What do you hope to see in the fashion industry?

Less fast fashion. More mindful creations.


What's next for Y.NG?

I would like to take Y.NG into the direction of more mindful living and not just in clothes or accessories, but more as a whole and as a lifestyle and also in terms of aesthetics.. I started to draw for people recently, art pieces they can use as a wallpaper/screensaver. Also, I have been working on a knitted dishcloth prototype, to replace the green yellow sponges we usually use. And you will see it soon!


Check out YNG's collection here, and their latest upcycle set here! (While the yarn lasts!)

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