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We believe in a world where people and planet are well taken care of. For decades, big consumer brands have been telling us to consume mindlessly - monthly sales, dirt cheap prices, and new trends every other week. The result is an unsustainable eco-system where workers are exploited and the earth polluted. The way we consume has to change. We believe that consumers have the power to effect social and environmental change by simply consuming better. So we make it easy for everyone to consume sustainably. EM curates a wide range of honest and responsible brands who do right by people and planet. When you shop with us, you shop for a better world.


Our priorities


Workers should be empowered, not exploited. Every brand that appears on EM goes through a thorough screening where they are asked to disclose who and how they source their products. A majority of our brands do not work with large factories where labour conditions often go unregulated. Those that do work with large factories have official certification for ethical labour practices. Instead, most of our brands engage with smaller suppliers that range from family-owned businesses, refugee groups, traditional artisans and home seamstresses. Business should be about the people, much more than just the profit.


We are committed to stewarding the planet, and not polluting it. Being 100% green is not just challenging, it is pretty much impossible. At EM, we understand the nuance challenges of being earth-friendly beyond certification. With evolving technologies and frameworks on sustainability, the standards will continue to change. Therefore, our guiding principle is that sustainability cannot be an after-thought. From dyeing processes and waste management, to choice of materials and supplies, we support and empower brands who are honest about their sustainability and are committed to stewarding the earth well. No greenwashing allowed.