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Bare is a homegrown sustainable apparel label made for women, by women. Founders Jae and Serena believe that when done right, clothes can become investment pieces that are highly versatile and resilient.

Bare is committed to delivering its pieces with as little environmental footprint as possible, doing so through its sustainable end-to-end processes and strict internal auditing amongst production partners.




Dear Samfu makes nostalgic clothing for contemporary women. The brand gives Grandma’s wardrobe classics a modern spin, bringing back Grandma’s values of thoughtful consumption and sustainability into our wardrobes. 

Ethically made using deadstock fabric and produced in small batches, every style is consciously created and designed to last through the seasons. 




Through extensive research on design and materials, Gege Fashion was born out of Geneviève Joly's desire to create innovative and unique fashion products that puts our environment and communities above all.

A fusion of ethically sourced materials and unique designs, Gege Fashion proudly introduces a collection of vegan bags and accessories that are made with over 70% sustainable materials 





Gypsied is a conscious label from Singapore that transforms heritage textiles into beautiful products for a conscious lifestyle. Exploring the intersection of culture and identity in modern times, Gypsied breathes new life into batik and handwoven textiles in their designs. Each product embodies a positive new narrative for today’s women — conscious, thoughtful and open to new experiences.




Lacess is a sustainable sneaker brand leaving a positive footprint on the earth. The name “Lacess” represents how we are all tied together in this community, as we strive to battle against the injustice in our world today. 

The five dots were inspired by children activity books - “connecting the dots”. The meaning behind it is consistent – to connect our community together and giving back to those in need. 





Lefko is an independent fashion label that works with refugees and survivors of human trafficking in Athens to create linen classics made to last. The word "Lefko" means "white" in Greek; for Lefko it means a clean Supply Chain without any ethical or environmental stains; it means clothes where imperfections can't be hidden. 




Nost, from the word 'nostalgia', is at its root a longing for home. These loungewear pieces were made for the quietly confident woman who feels at home everywhere they go in the world, indoors and out. Designed by architects, made by artisans. 

Paradigm Shift is a responsible fashion label for the modern and modest minimalist. Being intentional about creating pieces that are truly well thought through in its design, Paradigm Shift is not in a hurry to jump onto the next trend.

The P.S lady is clothed with strength and dignity. She breaks social norms, carries powerful influence and evokes positive change.When a Paradigm Shift occurs, the world changes with it.



Purnama is a social enterprise geared to make a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of women and children in Asia. Called 'Full-Moon' in Bahasa Indonesia, Purnama hopes to provide a light for those in need and benefit local communities and the environment through creating quality handmade products.



SaucyBean is an ethical coffee brand that works with NGOs and cooperatives to bring you coffee that is produced socially and environmentally conscious.

Choosing SaucyBean product isn’t just about choosing between flat white or long black. It’s about embracing a different philosophy - one of 'giving' rather than 'taking' - making our daily sips of coffee a more conscious one. 




 believes in providing organic, ethically-made goods that feel and look great, at accessible prices, so that more people are able to enjoy these awesome products while knowing that they're supporting fair-trade and environmentally-friendly practices.

The name SOJAO, means ‘go to sleep’ in Hindi. SOJAO wants the best possible night's rest, not only for their customers, but also for their entire supply chain - right down to the cotton farmers and their families.





The Soleil Girl was founded with a clear objective of offering sustainable resort wear to the free-spirited modern woman. Creating holiday wardrobe staples as you go about your daily adventures, the brand draws much of its inspiration from nature and its love for wandering journeys. The Soleil Girl is committed to building a conscious business, both socially and environmentally.


The-Extra Smile
is a high-end kids fashion label that believes in business as a force for good, being fair to people and kind to the planet.

The-Extra Smile carefully selects the suppliers they work with, ensuring that no discrimination exists and employees are paid a living wage and work in safe conditions. Steering from traditional fashion practices, designs are produced in low quantities to avoids overproduction and waste. 




WANT is an ethical brand based in Singapore founded in 2016 that wants you to thrive in your best skin. Formulated from pure botanical oils and minerals, the ingredients are fair trade and sustainably sourced. The products are free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients and water for that 100% natural goodness.




Founded in 2018, YNG works towards a simple aesthetic that is effortless, ethical and everyday. Creating simple and minimal designs, YNG creates staple pieces you will use for a long time.

Other than using sustainable fabric, YNG sources deadstock fabric before working on design and patterns, maximising the materials they find. No one creation is alike as each piece is handmade by a community of sewers who work from home to support their families.