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Against All Odds - Espresso

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In collaboration with Land Of A Thousand Hills Coffee (LOATH), SaucyBean brings to you the second coffees of the series - Against All Odds.

LOATH partners with secluded coffee growing communities in the Kivu and Ruli districts of East Rwanda providing assistance and financial support not only in the production and marketing of an incredibly high quality coffee to the outside world, but also in addressing various social, economic and spiritual needs that the communities face.

Current ground-level initiatives include:

‘Do Good Health,’ which provides LOATH coffee communities immediate access to healthcare & ‘The Evergreen Project,’ which seeks to ensure the LOATH communities surrounding the coffee washing station have easy access to clean water.

SaucyBean is pleased to bring you the results of this beneficial relationship — a delicious specialty single-origin espresso from the Nziza (which means ‘Beautiful’ in Kinyarwandan) Collective - a group of over 200 women producers who are the sole providers for their families and provide such a high calibre of coffee that theirs is set apart from the rest and featured as a microlot.


Tasting Notes: Lime, Sweet Nuts, Dates
Producer: Nziza Collective, Land Of A Thousand Hills
Region: Kivu Lake, Rwanda
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1800 masl
Processing: Washed
Weight: 225g
Recommended for: Espresso

About The Brand

SaucyBean is the product of one man's quest for greater purpose and fulfilment in life. Stepping away from the corporate world in October of 2017, Alex bought a one-way ticket and spent a year in the Himalayan region searching for something beyond personal consumption and gratification.

SaucyBean forms part of Alex’s attempt in answering the deeper questions of life, by taking an every day act that millions of us enjoy —sipping on a great cup of coffee— and infusing it with a fresh perspective by giving back to the people, environment, and world in which we reside.

Purchasing a SaucyBean product isn’t just about choosing between flat white or long black. It’s about embracing a different philosophy - one of 'giving' rather than 'taking' - making our daily sips of coffee a more conscious one.