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Batik Notebook | Samudra

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Never miss a moment again. A blank page while daunting, leaves us to write from the heart. This batik fabric notebook is a collaboration with local paper goods brand bookuu.

Assembled by hand by bookuu, these hardcover A6 sized notebooks feature perfect binding and comes with a bookmark string. Contains 142 plain pages of 80gsm ivory high quality paper. Also available in a Set of 2.


Samudra (Blue)

The spiral motif is an enduring ancient symbol used across cultures, but comes up from time to time in batik to depict life’s journey—from the physical to the spiritual. Fitting as a notebook cover, the Samudra notebook is a vessel for everyday tasks and reflections. Come back to yourself.

The batik used on the cover is hand stamped batik and naturally dyed, made by our batik artisan partners in Central Java.

    Size (for all)

    Notebooks are A6 sized.

    Measurements (Cover)
    Height x Width | 15.3cm x 10.8cm

    Measurements (Inserts)
    Height x Width | 14.8cm x 10.5cm

    Slight differences in placement of print is expected. However this is what makes each notebook unique.



    About The Brand

    Gypsied is a conscious label from Singapore that transforms heritage textiles into beautiful products for a conscious lifestyle. Exploring the intersection of culture and identity in modern times, Gypsied breathes new life into batik and handwoven textiles in their designs. Each product embodies a positive new narrative for today’s women — conscious, thoughtful and open to new experiences.

    Since 2013, Gypsied has discovered rural communities in South East Asia where textiles continue to be a vital form of expression and textile-making a way of life. Supporting these guardians of tradition plays a vital role in the brand, as they work to both maintain the region's collective heritage and contribute to a sustainable standard of living for artisans.

    Gypsied works closely with textile artisans, textile cooperatives and expert craftsmen. The personal relationships they build and maintain with their partners form a big part of the Gypsied brand today. This process of sourcing and production is in tandem with a climate of growing awareness in ethical production and sustainability.