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PS Label

Collapsible Cup

$25.00 SGD

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Say hello to our portable and reusable cup!

The limited-edition 18oz PSL collapsible cup is a great starter kit for new sustainable warriors who wants to play a part in saving our Earth.

It comes with a bendy straw, handy for smoothies and iced drinks. Thinking of storing your hot drinks? No problem! Just be sure to hold your cup by the top/ bottom where the temperature-resistant sleeve is. This is even big enough to hold your morning cereal! Say "no" to one-time plastic use!


  • Comes with Cap and Bendy Straw
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher Safe


About The Brand

Paradigm Shift is a responsible fashion label for the modern and modest minimalist. 

Being intentional about creating pieces that are truly well thought through in its design, Paradigm Shift is not in a hurry to jump onto the next trend. Instead, Paradigm Shift hopes to produce long-lasting wardrobe essentials that are timeless, of quality and comfortable to be in. 

Behind every apparel is the handiwork of a beautiful maker. By working with ethical manufacturers, Paradigm Shift can answer, "Who made my clothes?". The label exists to inspire women to live boldly and walk confidently by reminding them of the strength and dignity they possess.

The P.S lady is clothed with strength and dignity. She breaks social norms, carries powerful influence and evokes positive change. When a Paradigm Shift occurs, the world changes with it.