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Facepalm - Espresso

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The 'Facepalm' by SaucyBean is produced in collaboration with the Orang Utan Coffee Project (OCP).

Back in 2012, the OCP along with 40 smallholder farmers, entered into a pioneering relationship. The farmers would protect and preserve the surrounding tropical rainforest whilst working closely with the OCP to boost their coffees’ quality. In exchange, the OCP would pay a premium for the farmers’ coffee should they meet strict guidelines set.

Today, as a result of the project’s amazing success, OCP numbers more than 230 smallholder farmers who are enjoying a better quality of life and producing better and better coffee. Not only that, the local environment benefits too with OCP donating 0.50 Euros/Kilo of all coffee sold to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.

SaucyBean is pleased to showcase the fruits of that original commitment by bringing you a delightful, single origin espresso from OCP’s second-ever producer - Umang Isaq (“Uncle Isaac”). Umang Isaq comprises of 33 farmers, cultivating 38 hectares worth of coffee plantations at a height of 1000-1400 masl.


Tasting Notes: Green Apple, Cocoa
Producer: Umang Isaq, Orangutan Coffee Project
Region: Gayo Highlands, North Sumatra, Indonesia
Variety: Tim Tim, Ateng
Altitude: 1400 masl
Processing: Giling Basah
Weight: 225g / 1kg
Recommended for: Espresso

About The Brand

SaucyBean is the product of one man's quest for greater purpose and fulfilment in life. Stepping away from the corporate world in October of 2017, Alex bought a one-way ticket and spent a year in the Himalayan region searching for something beyond personal consumption and gratification.

SaucyBean forms part of Alex’s attempt in answering the deeper questions of life, by taking an every day act that millions of us enjoy —sipping on a great cup of coffee— and infusing it with a fresh perspective by giving back to the people, environment, and world in which we reside.

Purchasing a SaucyBean product isn’t just about choosing between flat white or long black. It’s about embracing a different philosophy - one of 'giving' rather than 'taking' - making our daily sips of coffee a more conscious one.