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Bahati Collection

Two-Tone Fuschia Pink & Grey

$129.00 SGD

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The Bahati Two-Tone Tote boasts of block colours for that elegant and timeless everyday style. Hand-woven with sisal and recycled wool, it is lightweight and includes a leather loop in the middle for added style – try tying your favourite scarf through for your own bespoke look!

Every purchase empowers artisans in Kenya, preserving their traditional culture of weaving. It also provides an alternative, sustainable income for our weavers and helps support themselves and their families.


Product Details

Size: H 10" x W 12" approximately

Leather Loop

As with all handwoven items, slight variations will occur

Material: Sisal, recycled wool and leather

Care Instructions: Just give it a quick wipe to clean. For all-day-everyday ease


The Weaving Process

Using sisal leaves, grown on their own farms, our women artisans handmake each woven basket. This is a skill passed on from mother to daughter. The women begin by carefully cutting and collecting the sisal leaves, draining the liquid in order to extract fibres. They then dye the strands with natural dyes for vibrant colours and leave them out to dry, before the begin weaving and designing the baskets. All our Bahati Baskets are customized according to specific designs we decide with the weavers.



About The Brand

Bahati Collection was born out of a passion project for African handmade items, determined to preserve the rich heritage of these beautiful pieces. These items embody a craftsmanship and cultural design that has been passed down through generations, preserving history in every inch. Every product is handmade by one singular artisan, handpicked to be part of the Bahati Collection.

Bahati Collection strives to be an ethical, sustainable brand that aims to empower communities by celebrating local cultures and creating employment opportunities. Working with women cooperatives and self-help organisations in Kenya who are living in economically disadvantaged rural backgrounds, Bahati Collection is determined to share the crafting intricacies of Africa with the world. 

Invest in sustainable handmade African products, and in the longevity and livelihood of the incredible artisans behind each product.