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Upcycle Set | 3 Coasters 1 Dishcloth

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Duotone Set
Circle Set
Grey Tone Set
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Handmade. Upcycled Yarn made into coasters and dishcloth. 

Please note that this is a pre-order item. It runs until the 30th September, and is slated to reach you in mid-October. 


Working with upcycled materials, YNG collected leftover and unused yarn to create this collection of coasters and dishcloth sets. But why use a dishcloth made of yarn? Well, unlike abbrasive sponge scrubbers, the dishcloth made of yarn do not pose the danger of scratching your pots and pans. Give it a try, along these lovely coasters!


Choose your coaster colour set. Every set comes in 3 coasters and 1 dish cloth. Dishcloths also come with a loop that allows you to hang air dry after use. The colour of your dishcloth will be picked at random by YNG. 



Square Coasters are approx 11cm x 11cm x 1cm
Circle Coasters are approx 10" Circumfrence x 1cm
Dishcloths are approx 11cm x 11cm x 3mm



Machine/hand washable and air dry. 


Free local deliveries on this pre-order. Pre-order closes on 30th September and will your item reach you in around mid-October. 


About The Brand

Founded in 2018, YNG works towards a simple aesthetic that is effortless, ethical and everyday. Creating simple and minimal designs, YNG creates staple pieces you will use for a long time. 

Other than using sustainable fabric, YNG sources deadstock fabric before working on design and patterns, maximising the materials they find. No one creation is alike as each piece is handmade by a community of sewers who work from home to support their families.

YNG believes in community and is always looking for sewers and crafters to join their family. 

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